This part of my site is dedicated to my favorite actor: Johnny Depp. Oh yeah, he's a hottie. This year's PEOPLE magazine's Sexiest Man Alive. Friggin' Brad Pitt has NOTHING on this guy. And not only is he rediculously good-looking, he's also a marvelous actor. He's been in dozens of films, such as Benny and Joon, Sleepy Hollow, Cry Baby, Pirates of the Carribean, and the newest: Secret Window, to name some of my favorites. His abilities are incredibly wide-ranging, and I don't really hold it against him that he lives in France, has had two really cute children with a French woman who is not his wife, smokes (rolls his own cigarettes and everything), and has 13 tattoos. Mainly because I don't know him personally, and if I were to meet him someday, I'd probably be too busy drooling to give him the "You know that smoking will kill you, right?" spiel. Anyway, here's some pictures for you ladies to ogle, and a link to the official Johnny Depp fansite.

That last picture was for all of the Orlando Bloom fans. He's not bad-looking either... For more pictures of Orlando, you can visit the Lord of the Rings page of my site. Anyway, here's the link to Johnny Depp's Official Fansite.

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Photos courtesy of the Johnny Depp Fan website, and random people on the internet.